Security at Airports in India

May 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

Security at airports in India is a such a sham. I mean the ones in US are equally bad but atleast you are not subjected to unnecessary checks and rechecks. For example if you were flying from Bombay to Hyderabad, you will first be checked at the entrance to ensure you have a printout of some legitimate format (e-ticket etc) against a photo id. If you were even slightly technical you could create a document and print it out and no one would know. Oh yeah and by the way if you are not travelling, forget about going inside, not like the US where you can wait with someone. Once you are in the terminal and have checked in online you still have to take the printout to one guy who takes a ink stamp and stamps your ticket, defeating the purpose of online checkin. Then you go to the security line where someone checks your printout and id again before you enter the line. Once in the line there is the scan of your bag and you and then a complete pat down with groping and all. They even want to look inside your wallet, for god forbid you have a nail clipper in it. As soon as you are done with this and pick up your bag on the other side, another security guy checks you, your printout and id. I mean this guy is standing 5 feet from where you got your pat down. Once thru this you walk to your gate and scan the boarding pass to board the flight, but as soon as you are done scanning the boarding pass and start walking towards the gate, wait for it, there is another security guy, who looks at your boarding pass and id. Now depending on the airport you might have to get on a bus to get to your flight, guess what happens now, another security guy checks things and lets you on the bus. You drive for few minutes, get to the plane and another guy checks your boarding pass before letting you in.

Man, have you been keeping count. I haven’t. This is just amazing. What inefficient system do we have here in India. And this is in the name of security, where I can guarantee half of these security guys can’t even read properly, so god knows what they are checking when they are looking at your printouts. And obviously you could have just created this printout yourself and they wouldn’t know, coz guess what they have no computer to verify that you are really boarding a flight today.

Man is it frustrating or what!


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