Although the title for the blog is provocative, I do want to let readers know that I am not saying that we don’t need standard work. I think the best way to describe my thoughts on this is by repeating what  Taiichi Ohno said in his book Workplace management:

“There is something called standard work, but standards should be changed constantly. Instead, if you think of the standard as the best you can do, it’s all over. The standard work is only a baseline for doing further kaizen. It is kai-aku [change for the worse] if things get worse than now, and it is kaizen[change for the better] if things get better than now. Standards are set arbitrarily by humans, so how can they not change?”

This blog is my attempt to share my thoughts on software and software practices that I am passionate about. I will also share technical challenges and practices for writing and evolving good design.

About Me

I am a successful agile coach, facilitator, and community leader of Agile Philly.  With over a decade of helping teams and organizations I have a a proven track record for improving and simplifying processes used for large complex software projects. My primary focus is to be an effective change agent so that my clients get the most form my engagement. Having worked at various organizations from startup’s to large multinationals I understands what works for each environment. I incorporate the values, principles and practices of agile and lean software development in both my work and the advice I give. I love entrepreneurial setup and start-up culture.  more…

email: ravindargujral AT gmail DOT com / ravindar AT phillykaizen DOT com

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