It is what it is…

December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I read this blog post ( by a friend and I thought for a long time about what he was saying. After a lot of going back and forth I came to the conclusion that I don’t agree or fully endorse this thought process, although it is very impressive. The question was, if I don’t agree with this approach, what would I suggest as a way to look at things.

See I think of it this way:

It is what it is….

What I mean with this is that we are all at different levels of maturity/understanding of the universe/ourselves/others etc and when things go wrong, I believe it is just that things did not match up.

This does not preclude that we should not learn when things go wrong. When they do though, the learning process is very personal and we can only hope to improve just ourselves if that and do better next time. This learning, if you want to call it that is only something just I can do, I can’t expect others to do the same.

So it goes: It is what it is….

Although I have to say this song by George Harrison captures my thought, Any road will take you there…. 🙂

Now lets have tea 🙂


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