Simplicity of design – doors

September 23, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am always amazed by how things can be made more complex than is needed. To take an example, at the office we have doors that open only in one direction but for some reason there are handles on both sides of the door. Let me explain a bit, say you are inside a room and the door will only open if you push at it but because there is a handle i always seem to pull (My thick head can’t seem to get this straight). Now if had no door handle on the side of the door where you have to push, I would always know the direction the doors open. Not to mention, we probably would save a lot of material, probably get away with only having half of the handles. There are some doors that have locks, so maybe some simple mechanism on the side of the door where you have to push to open the lock, like a push button.

If we can do this to a simple thing like door It is no wonder sometimes we create more complexity than is needed when we do software development.



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