Value – II

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Some other things to remember when you are dealing with trying to add value to your process/product.

  1. It is waste if the customer does not find value, be it software features or processes.
  2. Partially delivered and done work does not add value. For example if your development staff decides that it is done with delivery and yet it takes another 6 months for the features to reach a customer. So calling partially done work as complete will not add value.
  3. If you find that there are multiple hand offs within your software delivery process you will find that individual teams might think they are done, but the customer still does not see value. Your software will start mimicking the hand offs within your organization. Hand-off’s occur whenever you find separation of
    1. Responsibility: For example: a designated designer, a database expert etc. This is not to say that you should not have specialization in your team, it is just that you stay clear of assigning these as official responsibilities.
    2. Knowledge: Again there is nothing wrong in having specialization, or subject matter experts, but this knowledge should be spread amongst team members. Remember the team as a whole delivers a product not just one individual.
    3. Action: Demarcating who does what is another sign of a team and an organization that is creating internal silos.
    4. Feedback: If there are multiple layers between customer feedback and the people doing the work you can expect to see a gulf in what the customer expects and what the team delivers.
  4. If you have teams that are constantly switching between tasks they will never be able to focus and deliver on customer demands. This happens when you find teams that use individual team members as just resources to be allocated. So you might see things like team member x is 50 % on this team and 30% on another team etc. This will never help you.
  5. Defects add no value to your product. Defects are another form of waste and early detection and resolution is the key. Thus having the team understand BDD and TDD is key.

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